Thursday June 24, 2021


Marj Lucas Lawnton

I recently completed a course run by the Spirit Led Network re walking in the Spirit, hearing the Father’s voice and being activated to walk daily in obedience to His voice, i.e. be led by the Spirit.

I have been a Christian for nearly 40 years, and a Pentecostal for most of that time. I know about walking in the Spirit and hearing the Father’s voice, yet I was hungry for more of this as this walk was inconsistent in my life.

The course has transformed my daily life. It was a genuine equipping course, not merely teaching, but practical, and I only wish someone had discipled me into this when I first became a Christian. I am now much more attuned to the Father’s voice and am activated regularly by Him as a result, moving in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit more than ever before.

Not only did the course inspire and equip me, but it also equipped me to disciple others in the same walk.

I am grateful for the course and enthusiastically recommend it to others.


Phil Lye Mt Gravatt

The Academy’s teaching has revolutionized me and turned my relationship with the Father from day to day humdrum to a living and exciting journey of serving and fulfillment.


Scott Mann Karalee

I had been an active Christian for over 20 years attending a traditional charismatic church twice on Sundays and several times during the week for other meetings and ministry. I was part of the leadership team and taught regularly at our main services.  Still, I was not really satisfied and found increasing gaps between what the bible portrayed and what we experienced as a church community.

What a difference simple teaching with real activations makes!  Before, simply "knowing" was enough, but now "doing" became everything. To re-learn what it meant to love God and love others was transformational.  To be become familiar with the Father's love and to know His voice clearly and specifically all during the day has been overwhelming.  To see His love flow to others through signs and wonders is so moving. You can't help but want others to know and experience this also.

If you are weary with your "Christianity" then check this out - you won't be the same after.


Jeanette Miller Caboolture

The Spiritled  teaching has benefited me so much, I find it hard to give a short testimony of what it has done for me personally.  I am so grateful for it and have become thoroughly saturated in the simple yet profound concepts that they have become a part of me.

Also my reading of the Bible has come alive.  I find it an absolute joy to read it, with more understanding than I have ever had before.  My earlier background was in a cult where bible verses were "twisted" to support that cults doctrines.  Now I read what is written, and the Holy Spirit helps me understand anything I question, giving me simple answers and confirming scriptures from other parts of the Word.


Jill Montgomery Beenleigh

This teaching takes one from biblical knowledge to biblical action. It assists in a Spirit led walk, stepping out on the scriptures we know so well.


Testimonies From Africa

Jacob Phiri is the leader of a house church network in Zambia which has grown from around 40 members to 25,000 in just a few short years.

“I have taught in various Bible Colleges for 17 years, I regret that I instructed my students in things that don’t work in ministry today. My emphasis was on theology. But after studying with Spirit Led Academy, I have realized the most important thing in ministry is a deep relationship with God. My ministry has taken a new positive turn of imparting this knowledge to so many people. Because people have seen the difference it has made in my life, I have several men and women asking for this course to be introduced in many African countries, especially Congo D.R, Malawi, Angola and Burundi. Mary Wakuruzinza, the first lady, the wife of the President of Burundi is taking this course and she is now doing her final subject.”



Elias Simwaba has been a pastor for 8 years in Zambia  and during this period, the church he has been leading had been stagnant at 35 members. In the last year he had been a student of Spirit Led Academy, as a result, something dramatic has taken place.

“Ministry had been very frustrating and twice I quit from my pastoral duties. But when I enrolled to study with Spirit Led Academy, a new lease of life was imparted. I never knew I could move in the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit. This course has revolutionized my life and my ministry. I now lead a movement of house church with more than 500 members. This increase has taken place in a year. Thank you for SLA and I recommend this course to so many of my ministers whom I know are struggling in their work”.



Boniface Siamalyata, 57 years old. He has been in ministry for over 15 years, leading a church of 60 members. Asked what this Academy means to him, “I feel it is impossible to be an effective minister of the gospel without this course, it has unlocked many doors of effectiveness and ministry is no longer a struggle to me”.

Boniface has a network of 17 house churches.



Aaron Zulu, 29 years old, says it more emphatically;

“If I had known about Spirit Led Academy before, I would not have bothered going to a Bible College where I only acquired head knowledge. Now I have a deeper ongoing personal relationship with the Lord”



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