Thursday June 24, 2021

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Stuart Gramenz



Kevin J. Conner - Ministers Fellowship International,  Australia

"It is a real pleasure to be able to endorse the ongoing vision of Stuart Gramenz.  Stuart has written several great textbooks. His latest "The Right Words for the Right Person at the Right Time", is truly excellent and I believe it to be one of his 'masterpieces'. It puts a tool in people's hands and will be a great one for the Body of Christ as a whole.

Stuart's texts are not merely "unproven theory" but are the result of years of good fruit - ministry that works! Spirit Led Academy is available to confirm the truth of these things.

May God bless this new endeavor to the Body of Christ and all serious students of God's Word.


Ben Wong - Global Cell Church Mission Network,  China

Stuart has been a teacher, a mentor and a dear friend to me. In the Church world, we have some great theorists and we have some great practitioners – Stuart is both – a great mix of the west and the east. He insists that we go back to the root of the Word and build the church from there – in that he is a true radical. Stuart has refined the art of making deep truths simple. Whatever Stuart teaches or writes is guaranteed to be provocative, inspiring and simple.


Ps. John Macknamara - Chairman: Australian Coalition of Apostles & Prophets

Stuart Gramenz is definitely one of the greatest apostolic Trainer/Teachers I have met in the space of my lifetime.

He is a prolific author and his latest innovation-“Spirit Led Academy” is an online Training School that will be effective in releasing believers into practical and effective “hands-on” Christian Ministry via the Ephesians 4 Biblical Model.

I recommend it to all Christians everywhere.


EddyLeo - Abbalove Ministries,  Indonesia

"Abbalove ministries has a network of more than 200 churches in Indonesia and most of the believers believe in healings signs and wonders but very few have ever experienced them. Since Stuart Gramenz equipped us in this ministry we have experienced tremendous results. Many healings, signs and wonders including the raising of the dead have occurred through the ministry of “ordinary” believers. We highly appreciate and recommend his ministry.”


Jim Millard – Founder: Sunrise International Ministries,  Japan

I have read most of Stuart’s materials and am always challenged and inspired by them.  More than anything he focuses on a love relationship with the Lord.  He is not promoting doctrine, dogma or methodology.  He is equipping every member to be connected to Jesus the Head and to function through relationship with him.  I look forward to every opportunity to be with Stuart and to learn from him.


Robert Lay – President: Cell Church Ministry,  Brazil

Stuart has a very important ministry in our evaluation in Brazil. It has helped us to understand better evangelism in all aspects, including Christ's power through us. Very sound and biblical teachings and very practical, equipping each believer to practice power evangelism."


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