Thursday June 24, 2021

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Instead of the high overheads associated with government certification (staff marking of assignments, ratification and auditing) we now have an on-line automated multi-choice question system.   As a result, of this streamlining, we are able to deliver online courses extremely cost effective.


Those students whom we accept will receive a complimentary scholarship to complete our Supernatural Ministry School course. (This only applies the online courses, not the seminars).


How can we afford to do this?


Obviously we still have overheads including office staff and maintenance of the Academy site. Nevertheless, we do not desire to exclude valuable students due to financial shortfall. This is most prevalent among pastors and leaders in developing countries but more recently it can also apply to many living in western nations.


Financially, we rely on those who are completing the course,have benefited from it. and desire to see others receive it.
This particularly applies to our students in developing countries who do not have internet access. In these cases we provide manuals for them.


Therefore, as much as we offer the course complimentary, if you are in a position to help other students, we would also appreciate a donation on a regular basis.


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